New Music! 'The Tourist' is available to stream now!

As of midnight (GMT) you can finally download ‘The Tourist’ from all major streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer… we’re live!

Check out the release page for the song for more info and links, and don’t forget to check out the video too! The song was recorded mainly at One Cat, then finished off at our home studios. Nick turned up the ADT and mixed the track, and Abbey Road Studios mastered it which is a real treat to me. Sound massive!

The Tourist is the first of monthly releases we’re planning long into 2019, and was one of the first songs Dan and I wrote together after we decided to make music again. It’s a great one to sing and play live too with loads of energy, so make sure you come and check us out down at Nambucca on December 11th — the only show we’ll play this year.

Please follow us on the socials and share the track with your friends if you like it!

James <3