The English Dream


Our second single is a direct swing at the state of the nation, and our feelings about what’s really going on here at home in the UK. Brexit, austerity, food banks, demeaning the welfare state, crumbling NHS, the crushing grip of neoliberalism gone wild… We felt like we had to say something, to become a part of the resistance, and start creating the art, music, and stories that’ll actually build a better Britain rather than the nightmare we all face right now.

Check out the music video titled ‘Breakfast Means Breakfast’ featuring our bud Jamie Whelligan from Annexe The Moon. Turning up to an old English house for a grand English breakfast, things take a turn for the strange and the promises of a feast soon turn into a diabolical shambles. The song was released on December 11th across all major streaming platforms.


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(c) 2018 Meseroles.

James Eaton - Guitars & Vocals / Daniel Fell - Guitars & Backing Vocals / Nick Frater - Bass & Keys / Ben Handysides - Drums

'The English Dream' // Written by James Eaton & Daniel Fell / Performed by Meseroles / Recorded by Jon Clayton at One Cat / Mixed by Nick Frater / Mastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road.